Lineage 2 Drop Calculator

Zombie Lord Crowl

Level 25
Passive RaidBoss
ID: 25149 Total: 1 Gender: male Undead: True Drop Herbs: False
A knight who used to govern a peaceful town before the Gracian War, today it is called the Ruins of Agony. Called Sir Grindel in his lifetime, he was captured and brutally tortured to death after losing a battle against the Gracian Army. Underlings of Beleth hiding in the town stole his body and resurrected him, making his soul corrupted. Having lost his knightly honor and sense of self-sacrifice, now he has turned into a devil and tries to spread his pain to all he encounters in his endless wanders through the Ruins of Agony.
Zombie Lord Crowl
Hp: 103092 Mp: 606 Exp: 856025 Sp: 92883
P. Atk: 101M. Atk : 6
P. Def: 348M. Def: 189
Atk. Spd: 278Casting Spd: 3819
Walk Spd: 24Run Spd: 24
AI: Attack Range: 40
HP Reg: 127.71MP Reg : 4.73
Col.Radius: 30.00Col.Height: 21.25
STR: 60 INT: 76 DEX: 73 WIT: 70 CON: 57 MEN: 80

Two-Handed Sword

D 1 3.9512%

Crimson Sword

D 1 3.9512%

Elven Sword

D 1 3.9512%

Sword of Occult

D 1 5.3336%

Tunic of Knowledge

D 2 - 4 16.7392%

Stockings of Knowledge

D 1 - 3 40.1327%

Two-Handed Sword Edge

NG 3 - 9 29.4651%