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Palatanos of Horrific Power

Level 75
Passive RaidBoss
ID: 25249 Total: 1 Gender: male Undead: False Drop Herbs: False
This plant-shaped monster is found near the Blazing Swamp. According to one theory, Palatanos is the result of a failed experiment, after Ipos arose from purgatory. His influence and magic were not the equal of Hallate, and was unable to create the same kind of powerful underlings. Too proud to ask Hallate for help, he tried honing his skills on relatively simple monsters. Despite Palatanos' strange origin and appearance, he can still be a potentially dangerous adversary.
Palatanos of Horrific Power
Hp: 945900 Mp: 3420 Exp: 4832156 Sp: 847950
P. Atk: 4784M. Atk : 1152
P. Def: 1571M. Def: 851
Atk. Spd: 278Casting Spd: 3819
Walk Spd: 89Run Spd: 267
AI: Attack Range: 40
HP Reg: 742.51MP Reg : 9.81
Col.Radius: 60.00Col.Height: 47.00
STR: 60 INT: 76 DEX: 73 WIT: 70 CON: 57 MEN: 80

Blessed Scroll of Resurrection

NG 1 73.3315%

Sealed Imperial Crusader Breastplate Part

NG 53 - 157 9.5615%

Sealed Imperial Crusader Gaiters Pattern

NG 24 - 72 26.9241%