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Hestia Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs

Level 78
Passive RaidBoss
ID: 25293 Total: 1 Gender: female Undead: False Drop Herbs: False
This servant of the Fairy Queen was dispatched to protect the Rainbow Springs Chateau, a resort that Fairy Queen Timiniel loves. With power almost equal to the Queen's, he is a little disgruntled at what he feels is so menial an assignment. To pass the time and ease his boredom, he often plays with travelers passing by. Unfortunately for them, his hijinks are more than most humans can endure.
Hestia Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs
Hp: 977229 Mp: 3718 Exp: 4671563 Sp: 943547
P. Atk: 5153M. Atk : 1259
P. Def: 1667M. Def: 903
Atk. Spd: 409Casting Spd: 3819
Walk Spd: 129Run Spd: 307
AI: Attack Range: 40
HP Reg: 687.11MP Reg : 9.81
Col.Radius: 10.00Col.Height: 54.00
STR: 60 INT: 76 DEX: 73 WIT: 70 CON: 57 MEN: 80

Sealed Imperial Crusader Breastplate Part

NG 53 - 157 7.6894%

Sealed Imperial Crusader Gaiters Pattern

NG 24 - 72 21.6526%

Sealed Major Arcana Robe Part

NG 12 - 36 41.7437%